KuriAmé Anti-Ageing Aloe Skin Care Range

Turn Back The Clock On Ageing Skin!

With KuriAmé Aloe anti-ageing skin care range it is possible for every man and woman to turn back the clock and preserve their beauty, naturally.


How Does The KuriAmé Aloe Anti-Ageing Skin Range Work?

The African climate exposes skin to extreme temperatures, harsh sun, wind and pollution, which could aggravate skin making it appear dull, dry and neglected. Dry skin not only appears uneven and tight on the surface but can also lead to accelerated ageing on cellular level due loss of moisture and suppleness.

The KuriAmé skincare range consists of essential anti-ageing products that have been formulated to combat the results of the unforgiving African climate. Over time KuriAmé will leave your skin looking younger, radiant, moisturised and smooth to the touch.


Anti-Ageing Skin Care With Three Times More Skin Renewal Power

KuriAmé Aloe anti-ageing skincare has three times more skin renewal power due to the powerful combination of a number of Bio-Actives. These Bio-Actives work in synergy and with the natural processes of the skin.

One of these Bio-Actives, Hydrolite®5 improves the bio-availability of each ingredient.

Aloe Ferox, the manufacturing company for KuriAmé, has invested years of research to better understand the mechanisms of skin renewal and ageing at a cellular level.

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KuriAmé Aloe Anti-Ageing Wonder: Natural African Flora

The KuriAmé Aloe anti-ageing remarkable skincare range combines innovation with the best skin research and most advanced technological available today. Utilizing natural ingredients from African flora and amplifying what is already a wonder of creation.

Our commitment to anti-ageing research and skin care development ensures continued innovation and new product development. We know the demand for high quality skincare solutions, that actually work, will only increase. KuriAmé not only optimises skin health by working with the natural processes of the skin, but also significantly delays the onset of ageing.

This means that it is never too early to start taking proper care of your skin. Research has shown that the right lifestyle choices, including limiting excessive exposure to the sun, needs to be made from a young age. Excessive UV exposure from an early age damages collagen and elastin causing premature aging of the skin.

Make the right choice today, choose KuriAmé!

The KuriAmé Way

By following the KuriAmé Way, you can preserve your beauty the way nature intended.

Derived from nature, Free from traditional preservatives, Scented with natural rose oil, Alcohol free, Comedogenic free, Environmentally safe, Designed for Africa’s climate, Ideal for sensitive skin.