Why choose KuriAmé Anti-Ageing Aloe Skin Care Range?

Aloe ferox, also known as the aloe or bitter aloe is a type of aloe plant that grows naturally in southern Africa. In Latin, aloe ferox means “fierce”, a very suitable name indeed. The aloe contains up to 20 times more bitter sap (anthraquinone) than its cousin aloe vera.

Aloe gel is rich in glycoproteins, which has been proven to contain antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as high levels of antioxidants.

It’s powerful antioxidant properties has been directly linked to the slow onset of ageing (fine lines and wrinkels), blemish lightening, acne reducing etc.

The Answer Lies In Aloe Ferox (Aloe)

Aloe Benefits for SKIN

Aloe Prevents Signs Of Aging
Aloe Moisturizes Skin
Aloe Reduces Acne And Helps Lighten Blemishes
Aloe Helps With Sunburns And Reduces Tan
Aloe Heals External Wounds And Insect Bites

Aloe Benefits for HAIR

Aloe Promotes Hair Growth
Aloe Reduces Dandruff
Aloe Maintains pH Balance Of The Scalp
Aloe Conditions Hair

Aloe Benefits for HEALTH

Aloe Reduces Inflammation
Aloe Eases Heartburn And Acid Reflux
Aloe Reduces Cholesterol And Regulates Blood Sugar
Aloe Maintains Oral Health
Aloe Builds Immunity
Aloe Lowers Risk Of Cancer