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KuriAmé is a new, proudly South African anti-ageing skincare range causing waves in the skincare industry. Clients following #TheKuriAméWay are experiencing incredible results within weeks of using the products. See what they say by watching their testimonial video’s below.

What makes KuriAmé unique and different to other skincare brands?
 uses Aloe extracts as base for this range and further enriches the products with remarkable actives such as Matrixyl3000, Energen, Tritisol, Liquorice extract to name but a few. Aloe is known for properties that include anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant etc. But there are even more that sets KuriAmé apart from other skincare brands. Whilst a vast majority of skincare products on the market can actually be harmful to certain skin types due to chemical/artificial preservatives, colourants and flavourants, NO PRESERVATIVES or colourants are added to the products in this range and only a few drops of natural rose oil are used to scent our products. This in turn makes our range hypo-allergenic, incredibly safe and suitable to almost any skin type.

From what age can I start using KuriAmé products?
The sooner the better! Young and mature skins are both exposed daily to the environment and all the factors that play a large part in what one sees on the surface of the skin. Many skincare issues of which premature ageing is but one, are a direct result of this exposure. KuriAmé is the perfect choice with which to address and counteract these issues. Due to the safe and natural nature of KuriAmé products, it is very safe for teenagers too. Continuous use of KuriAmé products will, in a short amount of time, assist in restoring overall health and well-being of the skin which in turn will help prevent skin issues and premature ageing in the future.

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Wonder Aloe Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

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KuriAmé is a remarkable aloe-based anti-ageing skin care range specifically designed to refine and prevent untimely wrinkles caused by the harsh African sun.

The KuriAmé skincare range with all the benefits from natural aloe enriched with breakthrough actives makes KuriAmé a brand of choice for the fastidious individual. Clinical trials proved the actives to be incredible in reducing wrinkles and improve all-over condition of the skin after only four weeks.

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Wonder results of KuriAmé